Friday, November 12, 2010

A Girl Can Dream Right....

so Rob and I have not exchanged Christmas gifts the last few years...tough economic times and all.

Although we have tried to do one good thing, for those in need, as a family, last year we fell short in this area. We never got to a local shelter or home or cooked a meal.

We did, though, make very festive sugar cookies and then I delivered them to some special friends who continuously go out of their way for me and our family. That ended up being my favorite part of the holidays last year.

Giving back is often the greatest gift.

Do I like material things though? Hell yes! I love nice things...inspired by some of my blogging friends, I am compiling my wish list.

Who knows how many years it will take to indulge in these fine things but who is fun to dream and super fun putting together a wish list

My Wish List

Healthy Family (nothing was scarier than Diana's first year of life and we are so grateful for our family's health now)

Job security (for my husband) with solid health insurance (for all of us)

and then my guilty pleasures...humor me please friends....

a David Yurman ring

a Michael Kors giraffe tote

a Michael Kors pink watch

a wine cooler/keeper and other accessories like a decanter


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