Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

So...when my brother and I were growing up, my mom always made holidays and special occasions SO BIG!!! As a result, we would obsess and get ourselves in a tizzy- SHOCKER!

One of the things we often reminisce about is Halloween and our Halloween night traditions. My mom would start telling us (usually a week before). We are going to eat something light (like a souffle) before you go out and eat candy. My dad was responsible for taking us out trick-or-treating while my mom stayed home and handed out the candy. One year, she decided to really get into character and dressed up as a witch. Yep...she ended up scaring kids from neighborhoods everywhere. She didn't stop at dressing as the witch...she had to get in character too. A child would ring the doorbell and she would crawl, from the side into the window and ask "what do you want?" some kids just ran away screaming...ahh the memories.

As we mowed on our souffle...we would watch my dad pull into the driveway and pretty much just pounce on him when he came in. He would say "would ya let me change first please?"...I am hysterical just thinking about it.

This year, it felt like childhood again. My mom had us over for dinner and we enjoyed her famous souffle, Italian wedding soup and salad. She also made some festive desserts...but I saved room for a halloween butterfinger..delish!

Diana? She has been battling a cold and a canker (the poor little thing) so she was fussy to start BUT quickly got the gist of it and got right into character (she wouldn't even let us put a coat on, even though it was freezing)...she didn't want anything covering her costume. She said trick-or-treat at EVERY house and even tried to go in (my mom quickly said...Diana we are not staying for coffee!)

It was a precious night...brought back so many memories and my parents' neighborhood is just the perfect for Halloween...the streets were filled with kids...looked like a movie!

Hope you all enjoyed this day and night with your little ghosts and goblins :)



Kat said...

How fun! I have great memories of Halloween as a child too. That menu sounds delish and I absolutely love Italian wedding soup. I just may have to make some this week. Thanks for the inspiration!

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