Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Month of Thanks

So Facebook started a tradition a few years back....everyone was challenged to be thankful for something different for every day of the month of November...and then you put what you are thankful for in your status. It has always been one of my most favorite things to do as it makes you stop and think and be thankful for even what seem to be the little things.

Through the last few years, with things being tough financially, I have focused more and more on what is really important and I have found myself running out of days in the month to list of things to be thankful for.

This year was no different. I did notice, however, that many people on Facebook did not do it this year. Oh didn't stop me.

I tried to save my most important peeps for the saving the best for last..but certain days they were who I was most thankful for so I needed to give them the props immediately!

Here is my list of status updates from the month of November 2010. Things are so up in the air and scary for my family right now and yet I still wish I had at least another month of status updates to list the things I am thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving to you my friends!

Monday November 1st: "I am thankful for the big guy upstairs...his plan and early morning mass"

Tuesday November 2nd: "I am thankful for his son"

Wednesday November 3rd: "I am thankful for the hs: let the fire fall"

Thursday November 4th: "I am thankful for our health"

Friday November 5th: "I am thankful for our jobs today"

Saturday November 6th: "I am thankful for Allison and the way she inspires me...I quickly learned that the child was good at everything she did but it has been wonderful watching this child grow into a responsible, thoughtful and loving young lady xoxoxoxo"

Sunday November 7th: "I am thankful for Zachary old soul...always thinking of other's feelings and always brightening my darkest days"

Monday November 8th: "I'm thankful for Kayla- beautiful inside and out-a protective sister- a calming force who shows all of us the beauty in life"

Tuesday November 9th: "I'm thankful for another day to try"

Wednesday November 10th: "I'm thankful for such wonderful friends who stick by me not only in the best of times but the worst too...thank God for them!"

Thursday November 11th: "I'm thankful for our Veterans"

Friday November 12th: "I am thankful for my 2nd family at BFS xoxoxo"

Saturday November 13th: "I am thankful for WAG and Windham on all are a ray of sunshine during a very difficult time in my life :)"

Sunday November 14th: "I am thankful for Christian Breen and his Blackwater Grill in Salem of the most kind...most talented...most generous and beautiful souls don't know what you are missing!"

Monday November 15th: "I am thankful for the beautiful weather we have had in 2010"

Tuesday November 16th: "I am thankful for our warm home"

Wednesday November 17th: "I am thankful for my wonderful parents-my fan club- my salvation"

Thursday November 18th: "I am thankful for my in-laws-I have always been able to be myself with them-they love me unconditionally-such a great feeling! xoxo AND I am doubling up today on thanks...Today
is Godmother's Day! If you have a godchild you love and adore and are
proud of them copy and paste this with their name(s) Alexis Catherine Fournier, Caiden Dane Bannerman, Amanda Grace Halliday- I love you my little cherubs!!!! xoxoxoxo"

Friday November 19th: "I am thankful for Betty and the WHS glad to be part of this awesome group..some have become some of my closest friends...come see us at The Court Jesters vs. Jammin' Jaguars tonight at WHS! 7pm in the gym :)"

Saturday November 20th: "I am thankful for for the ability to walk and run and exercise"

Sunday November 21st: "I am thankful for the ocean and the beach"

Monday November 22nd: "I am thankful for my beautiful daughter...she has added so much meaning to our lives...she reminds me every day of all that is right in the world...I love you Diana Mary xoxoxo"

Tuesday November 23rd: "I am thankful for my husband...with all of the ups and downs and curve balls that life has thrown thing remains true..he is my best friend, the kindest soul, the best husband and father and my one true love"

Wednesday November 24th: "I am thankful for St. Jude"


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