Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Dear Eva (at 3 Years Old!)

Dear Eva,

I cannot believe you are THREE.  It sounds so cliche but truly time flies when we are having fun right?

From the moment you were born, you had a calming presence.  You are an old soul and kind of have it all figured out.

We joke and call you OCD sometimes.  You are so particular; you want everything in order; and you will not rest until everything is in its place. 

You have always loved food.  When you were an infant, you drank your bottles like a champion.  It was always tough to burp you but you never had any stomach issues or reflux.  You just ate, did your business and slept.  You were such an "efficient baby."
Now, you eat most things we give you.  Sometimes textures throw you off or sometimes you freak when you find a random onion in a dish but other than that, you are a great eater!  You love pasta with sauce, mac and cheese, grilled cheese, hot dogs, burgers, fries, check, steak, fish, veggies, fruits, toast...and all of the treats of course!

You gravitate towards men- so cute!  Since you are very close to Daddy and Papa Bob, I think men make you more comfortable.  As a result, you go to your Godfather Chuck before you will go to your Godmother Alice- we laugh.  You are so funny....
Your big sister Diana is your idol.  She was running a race a few weeks back and once she crossed the finish line, we were celebrating and you grabbed onto her leg and didn't let go.  You were looking up at her saying Hi Dinya!  Hi Dinya!  You were so proud...even as a three year old :)

You love your gymnastics class at Gym-Ken on Saturday mornings and you tap your heart out at Miss Carlene's right after that.  We cannot wait to see you in your first recital next month!

Something more recent, you are making one of Daddy's dreams come true.  He signed you up for skating lessons.  Bless My Heart...I can't even!

You have really gotten into imaginative play and you can play and entertain yourself for hours! Your favorite, though, is playing with "Dinya"

We had a great family trip in Niagara Falls.  You have put two and two together and now realize how much fun you have when we are in hotels.  From Storyland last summer with the Grahams to Boston with the Batsons and now Niagara Falls, you want to go to hotels all the time! Hysterical!

and yes, you still suck your thumb...for now....

and we are still working on potty training but you are very resistant....sigh....

Other than that, you are our easy Pidge....our sweet girl....a gentle soul....who fills our lives with peace, love and laughter.  Happy Birthday Pidge!


A Gal Named Al said...

Happy birthday, Eva! She seems like the happiest little girl! It's funny that you say Eva is an old soul- I feel the same way about my daughter. They are wise beyond their years!

Tara Usher @ Mommy in a Nutshell said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl!! She is so adorable!!!

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