Thursday, May 11, 2017

10 on 10: May 2017

10 on 10: May 2017
Snap 10 Pictures During Your Day and capture the beauty among ordinary life! 
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 Early Morning Blogging

Daily Spiritual Fix

 Breakfast Time!


 Potty Power!


 Sherbet for Alice (after tonsil surgery)

 Teacher Of The Year Prep

The Main Event!

A "Celebrating Our Success Selfie"

and I manged to work in between every picture....that's a wrap!


A Gal Named Al said...

I like these kinds of posts- I need to do one sometime but I feel like the 10th always falls on a day when I'm nuts!

Tara @ Mommy In A Nutshell said...

These are my favorite kinds of posts! I'm seriously impressed by your lunch. I usually eat a yogurt and a protein bar.

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