Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Encore- Springfield, MA 2016

Last Cheer Comp of the ECE Season!

Junior Frost placed 2nd!  They also won BEST Choreography!

We couldn't be more proud of Diana for all of her hard work to even get on this team and then to grow and excel

Here we are....on our way...check out Pidge's severe look; she was staring the Dunkin Donuts lady down because she wanted her doughnut BAD...ha ha!!

and then a few pics before comp time!
(Diana with some of her idols)

and then Rob got some great pics of their routine
Diana is the flyer on the far right (in the first few shots)

After the comp, we headed out for a bite (and wine) with our friends the Millers
We met at one of our favorites (and a place we haven't been to in over 10 years)
The Sole Proprietor in Worcester.
Check them out HERE
Great time- GREAT FISH- and great Tohu! :)

 Well, as they say, "that's a wrap!"
Great season- bittersweet- it is tiring so we are happy for the break...and now...on to....


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