Monday, April 4, 2016

2016 Daddy Daughter Dance!

This was Daddy and Diana's 6th Dance!  If you read my What's Up Wednesday post last week, then you saw the history of their dances.  If not, check it out HERE

I LOVE this dress!  Diana got so much use out of it.
She wore it on Christmas Eve

and to the annual Cheer Banquet

but I think it looked the best on Friday night, don't you?
Here are my loves all decked out!

and Daddy is always good about snapping a couple of pics at the dance and texting them to I can feel like I am there ;)

First there were these 3

and then there was a selfie :)

and while they were off cutting up the rug, Pidge hung with Grammy and Papa
and Mama had a fun night out with her girls
First stop was Red's 
and then final round was at Windham Restaurant
Chrissy joined us at Red's but I didn't snap a pic- boo
This one was late night at WR- don't mind the lack of makeup at this point ;)

and because we were enjoying our cocktails and getting silly, I had Laurel do her best impression of Annie from Bridesmaids- can't get enough of it!  Check it out

There you have it- "While the mice are away, the cats will play: ;)


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