Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale (January 2016)....So How Did You Make Out?

So How Did You Make Out?
All loyal Lilly fans know that her items never go on sale...well never say never.
Twice a year, she has an "After Party Sale"- the two sales are in August and January.

This past August was my first time participating and it was incredible.  I found it fascinating the way you would go to the site and be put into a virtual waiting line.  With patience, everyone gets a shot at some Lilly...and in this day and age, it is the best way to go especially with websites crashing left and right during major sales.

Yesterday was the January sale and although I did not think it was as good as the August sale, I still got some dynamite things.  I thought that everything would be on sale, so I loaded my tote up the day before.  I was disappointed, once I got in, to learn that all of the items were not marked down...so I emptied my tote and started over...still can't get one dress out of my mind so I am sure I will keep an eye on it and hope for the best!

Here is what I snagged....

The 1st item I cannot share, unfortunately, because it is my Mom's bday gift but I got her a BEAUTIFUL classic Lilly dress

The 2nd item is a beautiful top
The Cabana Halter Top in Blue Crush Open Water

The 2nd item is another beautiful top 
The Samba Sleeveless Halter Top in Tropical Pink Did You Catch That (the names are half of the fun!)

The 3rd item is a classy dress I thought I could wear to meetings with potential clients and on the weekends!
It is the Layton Shift Dress in True Navy

and the 4th item is a workout top.  I wanted the coordinating pants but by the time I checked out, they were gone...I am now on a hunt!
This is the Luxletic Racer Back Tank in Blue Crush

I then wanted to purchase matching dresses for my girls but every time I added one to my cart, it was gone- frustrating!  Anyway...I started surfing around and found that some of Lilly's signature stores across the country were also running the big sale.
I was able to snag the girls matching dresses at Splash of Pink.  They actually match one of her dresses that I already have too!  Can't wait to coordinate!

Here is their dress: The Mini Palmetto Dress in Multi Toucan Play

and my coordinating dress that I already had :)

Gotta Love Lilly- can't wait to see and read about all of your purchases!
Here are the sites where you can find her beautiful designs:


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