Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Favorites (January 15, 2016)

Linking up with Erika , Andrea and Narci for Friday Favorites!

Pidge has been warming my heart more than ever
Maybe it is because she has been under the weather but her sweetness is overflowing!
New Trick= Climbing Into Her Toy Box

Watching her Fave Curious George

Eating a munchkin for the first time!

Spending quality time with Zach before he left for London
She misses him already :(

and sporting a new adorable headband from Diana's teacher Mrs. Martin :)

and then there's my big girl- my beauty- our Monk
I was proud of her this week when she helped me when Pidge was sick...she grabbed her cup of water and she tried to soothe so proud of the little lady she is becoming

Drinking Coffee (while blogging) from my new mug from Home Goods- got one for Robby B too- Score!

and I posted this on Facebook this week- just love this- my mantra!

Last weekend was a fun filled weekend with our cheer banquet and Aaron's college graduation party
It was so much fun catching up with the other coaches- had to get a pic of course

At Aaron's party, there were beautiful flower arrangements on the tables.  His talented stepmom Noelle made them.  She made a wonderful speech too and thanked us for helping to raise Aaron...the words I really remember were "It takes a village"...ain't that the truth?  Blessed with our village too

After the banquet and Aaron's party, Rob and I snuck on over to Strega down the road. We have a couple of gift cards saved up from my parents.  We used one to split an app and have some cocktails before heading home (we don't get into Boston much anymore so it truly was a big night out for us!) It was also awesome to have something so fun to do in January when I usually hibernate!!

The dress I wore for all of these festivities was a Lilly of course.  It was one that I scored on Ebay last year and just wore for the first time...gotta love Ebay!! It is called "Lilly Pulitzer Polly Shorely Blue Wild Animal"

Said goodbye to a friend from town this week
I can say he truly touched my life in a positive way
I will never forget how wonderful he was at coaching girls' softball and how he always had a smile for everyone- RIP Dave

and on a brighter note, last night my friend Tracey and I went to see Melissa Etheridge at The Music Hall in Portsmouth.  Melissa + Portsmouth= LOVE
Her music was some of my favorite when I was in college and I can truly say she rocked it- she hasn't aged and she looks and sounds amazing
As many of you know, Portsmouth NH is one of my favorite places on earth- I feel so at home there and hope to retire there someday
Tracey and I started with dinner and margaritas at Poco's Bow Street Cantina- one of my faves
I don't order margaritas generally but I ALWAYS order a margarita there- As my mom and I call them "Nectar of the Gods"
Tracey and I enjoyed!

Picture of their famous margarita below (in the warmer weather)

and I LOVE their decor too!

and Melissa in action...we had such great seats.  The Music Hall was such an intimate venue and PERFECT for this show...again she  ROCKED!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend.  My hubby travels on Sunday- I am dreading it and already counting the days down until he returns on Thursday night :(  I am lost without him!


Cait said...

great post girl! shes such a cutie your little one! So glad I found your blog through the link up! Cant wait to read more :) Hope you'll stop by mine as well!

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