Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rainbow Fairies Play Date

Diana and her "Dance Pals" are going to be "Rainbow Fairies" in their dance recital this year.  As a result, Jen, one of our "Dance Moms" (and no we are not the like the ones on TV...the ones we are obsessed with watching..ha ha) put together a fun little play date yesterday for the girls.

"Rainbow Fairies" was the theme....

The girls ran around and had fun playing in Lila's room but Jen had so many interesting things to do as well...

First she read them a Rainbow Fairy Story...

Then...the girls made a fruit salad with all of the colors of the rainbow

First up Emma....RED...strawberries

Next up Emerson...ORANGE...cantaloupe

Next Lila...YELLOW...pineapple!

Claire was next with GREEN...Honeydew Melon (sorry I didn't get a close up of her here)

Then Miss Diana...BLUE...blueberries :)

and finally Fiona...PURPLE...grapes!

Their beautiful finished product

After the salad, Jen had another fun game in store...we hid sparkly colored rectangle pieces around the house and the girls had to go and find them...then come back and put together the rainbow of colors

Then it was time for what Jen called "a simple lunch" but she really went all out! There were sandwiches and salads and mac and cheese and chips...and of course the beautiful fruit salad...after lunch, the girls had treats...I made rainbow rice krispee treats (SO substitute Fruity Pebbles for the Rice Krispees and they come out so colorful!)

The fun wasn't over  there!  I call Jen Mother Earth...she truly has the best ideas for kids!  After lunch, the girls enjoyed making sparkly visors...Diana had so much fun gluing rainbow stickers on her visor!

and cannot leave out "The Mister"...all the boys (little brothers) had so much fun running around...getting into trouble...etc...but here is a shot of my little pal Cam...just love him!

What a special time :)


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