Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Fresh Beat Band

Last night was a night we will never forget.  We were able to take Diana to see The Fresh Beat Band.
They are a band of four teenagers that have their own show on Nick Jr.  Diana has been enthralled with their show since she was an infant in the exersaucer.  She would be entertained by their show for hours at a time and thanks to these four teenagers I was able to get some work done on my days from home.  

It is things like this that make me grateful and things like these that will stay with me forever.

Here is Diana all decked out in her rock star outfit and ready to head to the show!

We are HERE!

Diana was in pure AWE with the Fresh Beats....very quiet...very unlike her!!  ha ha

and here they are...they put on a GREAT show!

She was

and a few last shots of her rock star shoes....and her "concert tee"

It was a "Great Day!" as the Fresh Beat Band would say


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