Friday, February 10, 2012

Insta Friday

life rearranged

Documenting my week via my iPhone fun

Zach's Friday night basketball game in Concord- awesome awesome awesome!

The message Ally wrote on Diana's new chalkboard (in case you are new to my blog MONK is the nickname that Diana is stuck with!)

Saturday Morning studying again with Ally at the Village Bean (I admit it again; it is very fun for me-she thinks I am nuts- well I am!)

Saturday Night meant dinner with my good friend Keith (aka Fois) and his girlfriend Kerri who we met for the first time at The Blackwater Grill in Salem (one of our faves)

Sunday Superbowl Deliciousness

Dr. Monk Breton doing her rounds

Patient #1 (aka Daddy) is in rough shape! ;)

Coffee run at work and this is what I got to look at!  I LOVE anything to do with the 50's and loved capturing this picture of the car behind the American flag and tree

My handsome studs

One of my favorite times= snuggling on the couch

Coming home from my WAG board meeting on Wed night...pitch black...oh yeah

Diana's choice of valentine's this year= Tinkerbell and the Fairies

Diana's composite cards are in...LOVE the front picture!

Hope you all had an AWESOME week...linking up with Jeannett here at Life Rearranged


Jodi@ said...

your little "Monk" is adorable!! Love that y'all play make believe with her. so very cool. I miss those days!

Sherri said...

Sweet week! Fun by all ages. Love the Tinker was all about Cars for our lil 4 yo boy. ;-)

Holly said...

I love that car! Way too cute! :)

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