Friday, September 2, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

Working successfully on my first perm deal at the new firm

Dinner with a great friend from town...just love deep conversations

Being able to experience moving my stepdaughter into college and realizing how deep are relationship really is- true gift (with all of the attitude and ups and downs, it is still so worth it)

A wonderful time in the city with my hubby...alone time...Red Sox...dinner...romance...and a big thanks to my parents for keeping "The Monk" overnight

Quality family time during Hurricane Irene

Speaking of Irene- so thankful our family and friends were safe and that we only lost power for a couple of days this time

Quality time with the BFF as she treated me to an early birthday dinner- the wine tasting at Tuscan Kitchen- we had a ball despite the duck liver pate ;)

Awesome running with great friends as we prepare for a 5K!

Jersey Shore- Oh my God did I just say that?  CAN'T....TURN...IT....OFF....what is the MATTER with me???

and I need to ask for patience and faith as Diana's terrible 2's have turned into the horrible 3's...she is being defiant...difficult with potty training an having even more tantrums...grateful to be a mom and thankful to have our parents and friends to get us through this...sometimes I feel like I am just going crazy!


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