Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend Recap

I had the BEST Labor Day/Birthday Weekend!  I just need to write this down so I don't forget how wonderful it truly was.

Friday afternoon, after we closed up shop, Gram and Papa Bob came to pick up the Monk and take her for awhile.  I then had a beautiful ride up to Durham NH to pick up Ally Bean.  It was a perfect day weather wise and one of those days that the radio stations were playing my favorite songs (including Part Time Lover by Stevie Wonder- a big hit from 7th grade)

Once I got Ally, my GPS sent me home a different way- at first I was annoyed until I realized it was taking us by the ocean and boats and pure bliss.  We got back in the area in 45 minutes and then I had to share Plaza Azteca with her.  Of course we got the guac and Ally got a burrito- it was really good!

Then I took Ally to Grammy and Papa's where she hung out with them and the Monk.  I then headed over to Zack's team dinner to help serve and clean and that is always a nice tradition/start to the football season.

Saturday was my birthday.  I got my hair done by the wonderful Claribel and then ran around for some snacks for that night.  It was another beautiful day...I put on some goldish attire for the first big game and we headed out!

It was SO HOT!  It was only supposed to tap out at 80 degrees but it ended up well into the 90's-regardless, it was a great game- the JAGS won and the whole family was together.

When we got home, we ordered some pizzas and Rob picked those up and some cupcakes up...I prepped some apps and cocktails and then everyone came over.  It was a great family night.

Sunday morning, thanks to Rob, I was able to sneak off to the beach for a few was pure bliss..perfect weather....low tide and I felt like I was in the trance that my mom talks about.  HEAVEN!

That night we brought Monk over to Grammy and Papa's again and we enjoyed a great dinner with Ann Marie and Ish at Cappelini's- several belly laughs of course...LOVE them

Today we brought Ally Bean back to UNH (so melancholy).,.then just did some errands and chilled.  So sad the weekend is over but so grateful for all of the fun and family time


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