Sunday, June 5, 2011

Restaurant Review- Plaza Azteca

After Strawberry Festival, our mission was to get all of our plants- vegetables and flowers for our garden. We always do flowers but this year, as you may recall, my mom and I are giving it our all and doing our first ever vegetable garden.

Rob has built us the us fencing and will guide us through the process as he was the one who had the patience to read "Square Foot Gardening"

We hopped on over to Lowe's for all our stuff and then bopped across the street to the new Mexican restaurant Plaza Azteca.

In one word? Authentic! In several words? Fresh...delicious...excellent....awesome!

The best part? They make fresh guacamole right at your table...that experience alone was worth the visit. They also offer Bethenny Frankel's Skinny Girl it was a win win.

Diana partook in the chips but chose more American fare with chicken fingers and fries. Daddy and Mummy went more authentic- Daddy with the Cozumel Enchiladas and Mummy with the Chicken and Spinach Enchiladas- both came with this green sauce that was to die for. The rice, that was on the side was also mild and delicious and Diana was a big fan!

Our friends turned us on to this place and we highly recommend it. It is not like the tex mex chains like Margaritas...this is authentic Mexico right in Salem NH. 6 thumbs up :)


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