Monday, June 6, 2011

The Griswold Garden

Well the garden itself is not was the activities leading up to the garden that were so us.

Yesterday was my self-proclaimed yard work day. But life had other plans.

Rob did an awesome job building the gardening boxes and lining them with weed block and all of the necessary soil. The boxes were ready for my mom and I to start planting!

It was after the boxes, when he moved onto hedge-trimming that God had another plan. He lost his balance and was hit by the trimmer and cut really bad in the finger...5 hours later he was home from the ER with three stitches...lots of bandages and plenty of meds...such is life

While he was at the ER, Mum and I (and Diana of course) planted our very first vegetable garden and enjoyed a nice lunch (I felt guilty but we made the most of the hours we had and got so much done.)

After mum left, I planted all of my deck flowers and herbs.

The only thing left is the un-fun yard work like weeding and mulching oh yeah and trimming those hedges ;)

Here is what we are growing this year:
Box #1- Zucchini
Box #2- Pumpkins
Box #3- Tomatoes (all types like Big Boy, Roma and Heirloom) and Cucumbers
Deck Box #1- Basil
Deck Box #2- Mint
Flower Boxes- Pink and Hot Pink Petunias

Stay tuned to see if our green thumbs indulge us!

Building our boxes-Before "The Accident"

Daddy exits to the ER and then Mimi arrives and immediately cracks the whip- love it!

Diana gets in on the action and "helps" by refilling the holes that Mimi digs- hysterical!

Post ER- check out the bandage action ;)

Fulfilling a Dream :)


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