Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rhody Rhody Rhody Weekend...

Well that is what they say on the campus of URI anyway.

It was a typical Griswold weekend...nothing going as planned...some comical disappointments and a bundle of belly laughs.

Ally and I started with a college tour down at URI- what a spectacular campus! They did a great job welcoming in potential students. We were greeted by some crazy frat boys (which pleased Ally of course) and as we got closer to the gym, the marching band was playing- it was really cool. We were impressed with everything the school had to offer as far as curriculum choices for Ally's major and services in general. The only downside/con if you will, were the dorm rooms- the one we saw was very small. We shall see though!

After the tour, we headed to Panera for lunch and wolfed down our sandwiches like we had never eaten before. Then we found our way to our hotel in Warwick. We stayed at the Radisson, where the staff is all hospitality and culinary students at Johnson & Wales. The service was great and the staff was friendly.

We crashed in our room and relaxed for awhile...while Ally took a power nap, I enjoyed a caramel apple martini and a cute movie with Ryan Reynolds and Selma Blair...I don't know the name so if you do, please let me know so I can rent it on Netflix and see the whole thing!

The first mishap was when my parents' GPS went crazy and had them driving in circles all over the city of Providence. I talked to them but they were so stressed and panicked we hung up and I hoped for the best. Well then I got a call saying, where are you? We don't see your car! They ended up at the Radisson in Providence. If they weren't so stressed, I would've laughed but they quickly got back on track and met me at our hotel. The GPS mishap called for some drinks and stat.

While Ally napped, we headed to the hotel bar- Libations. It was a funky little spot with unique appetizers and great martinis. We enjoyed a few platters of cheeses, fruit and meets along with our drinks and laughed so hard...haven't laughed that hard in a LONG time. My parents were telling me that they entered Diana into a coloring contest at Market Basket...and the prize? A gift card to Toys R Us...for some reason, it struck me so funny and we all peed our pants...but not before my dad said, "you two are embarrassing!" Of course that made us laugh harder.

We got ready and all headed to Picasso's Pizza in Warwick. We met up with Rob, Zack, Diana and Kayla. Zack had a game so they needed to meet us later. Kayla was awesome enough to watch Diana so she didn't have to be out in the cold. Cass and her family met up with us for pizza too and it was a real casual dinner and really fun just to call be together.

Our next plan....well...didn't go as planned. We have never had an issue getting into Jack-o-lantern Spectacular..that is, until this year. We were later than usual and did not arrive at the zoo until after 8pm. By the time we arrived, the line to get in was almost to the street and the wait in the park was an hour. We obviously couldn't wait out int he cold with Diana. Cass and her family got right in though, because they bought tix earlier (I am glad they got to see it especially after making the trip down to RI- I would've felt responsible if they didn't)...

So...we turned around and headed back to the hotel and agreed that it was another Griswold moment...the kids weren't even disappointed. There was much entertainment in our room with Diana. She gets so excited when we all sleep in the same room and she was singing and jumping and entertaining all of us until 10:30- what a little monkey!

This morning, my parents treated us to breakfast back at Libations and again, it was terrific. After breakfast, we attempted some Christmas Card pictures out by the hotel fountain but monkey was not cooperating. We ended up doing a re-do at home. My father-in-law came over just to get some shots. (We are such a high maintenance family)

All and all a great is always good when we are all together which happens less and less, the older the kids get.


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