Sunday, October 3, 2010

Facing Her Fears (and her biggest obsession)

So Diana became quickly afraid of Chuck E Cheese when my parents took her to see him this summer...she also became completely obsessed with him and could not got a day without saying his name 10 times.

Recently, we had some fun at my parents and at our house pretending Chuck E was at the door...we would even ring the bell and then my mom and I were doubled over in silent laughter looking at her face and fear...I know we are awful!

Well Diana decided that she needed to see Chuck E again and begged me on Wednesday. So on Wednesday night, instead of roasting the pork I took out for dinner...we trekked it up to Chuck E Cheese in Manchester.

Well! As soon as we got there, she was so excited..."Hi!! Chuck E!" "I'm goin to Chuck E's house!" etc etc

She was a brave girl when we got in and was even waving to the mechanical Chuck E from a distance BUT

as soon as the real Chuck E started walking around and coming close to us..the screams started...she wanted to like him but she was just too scared

She still enjoyed her pizza and some rides...and Mummy and Daddy had some good laughs :)


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