Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yes...only 2 weeks but have to keep up with the goal and these are very timely...

301. Newest TV discovery...The City...shameless little obsession ;)

302. The sweetness of watermelon balances out the saltiness of feta cheese....before you turn your nose up at a great greek watermelon salad...give it a shot

303. The deepest relationships are the ones that can endure the fights....the honest and difficult discussions...the hard things...those are the ones that will last...beware of the man who chooses not to argue with you....shallow relationships shall fail

304. To my friends managing blended families...if his ex is obsessed with poisoning your stepchildren and trying to paint you in a poor light...turn the other hard as it may are smarter than you think....and they grow up to be even smarter adults who always find out the the better the right thing and the rest will fall into place

305. Baby Alana is here!!!!!!!!


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