Friday, April 30, 2010

closer to this goal

306. I am loving the time we are spending with Kayla...have a standing date each week now...quesadillas and Dancing with the Stars....she is obsessed with Ocho ;)

307. A mentor of mine...a long time ago...shared this advice with me....."Spend time with people who choose you...don't waste your time on those who don't care or don't like you"...I have realized even more so lately, how true this is

308. Ken's Foods makes the best honey mustard around...I have even seen it being made and it is very impressive...Uncle Matt buys it by the vat ;)

309. The 10 Best Foods for You? (Being a Foodie- I long ago researched this)- 1. Sweet Potatoes 2. Grape Tomatoes 3. Skim Milk 4. Broccoli 5. Wild Salmon 6. Crisp breads 7. Brown Rice 8. Citrus Fruit 9. Butternut Squash 10. Spinach/Kale

310. The 10 Worst Foods? All I know is that my family's favorite dessert made it...yep that ridiculous 7 layer cake from Cheesecake la la!!!

311. Adolf Hitler committed suicide today back in 1945...did you also know that his biggest turn on was when women pooped on his face? I know TMI but what a disturbed individual on so many levels

312. Why I get stressed and jealous of the rich folk in town? They never even think twice about buying Bounty paper towels or the soft plush toilet paper...they just buy it and can afford it....they never have to worry if they are going to have enough money at the end of the month to pay their bills...they can always take vacations (even when they don't need a vacation from life) and they never have to I'm sorry I can't right now

313. I want sidewalks and light that too much to ask?

314. JP Lizzy makes the BEST diaper bags :) (It was so fun to look for those when I was pregnant...I liked their designs the best)

315. Will life ever get any easier? At least a little bit?


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