Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More Football Pix

Well Windham is still in a building year...they won their first game and one other game since the season started...and they have had a few losses. As they go, they are learning the game and what it means to play at the high school level.

Zack is a true leader....we wouldn't expect anything else. He is learning what it is like to pick up the slack for some injured teammates...he is also learning how important community is..especially when a fellow teammate's family is facing the scariness of cancer.

He is willingly stepping up to volunteer for different community service opportunities, and as he is doing that, he is teaching me a thing or two.

Although this kid makes me laugh on a daily basis, he also inspires me. Two weeks ago, he did a Jimmy Fund walk with his mom. Last weekend, he volunteered with some other kids to help clean up the Cross Country trail in time for the first home track meet at the high school. Later that day, he helped Rob and I deliver some meals to a family in town that is dealing with cancer.

I decided that I would try and do good things each week too...they may be small but my goal is to do some little things that will either makes someone's day or add some convenience to a situation or brighten someone's dark days.

It started with giving the grocery clerk my pen so she wouldn't keep having to ask her co-workers for one...then it continued with the brownies I made for Zack's best friend and fellow football player who is injured. It is amazing how good you feel when you solely focus on the needs of others and not your own. I hope I continue coming up with creative ideas and also recognizing the opportunities right in front of me on a daily basis.

Here are some more recent football pix of Zack. These are taken by a friend in town- thank you Scott!


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