Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ally's Homecoming at SHS

Last weekend was homecoming at Salem High School. We enjoyed being involved in Ally's fun activities. Her homecoming field hockey game was at 10 in the morning and although they lost to Pinkerton, they played a great game. Ally is a tough little goalie- always inspires me with her athletic talent.

That night was the "Freshman Reception" or fall semi-formal dance and Ally looked beautiful. We shopped for her dress a few weeks ago (when the girls need dresses, they always come to me because I have been the one to take care of that for the last 7 years or so.) Isn't that one of the most fun parts of having girls???

So Ally and I surprisingly agreed on a few dresses and then we weighed the pros and cons. She knew she wanted leopard but a dress that was entirely covered in leopard was not the right choice....then there was another close one which had leopard on the entire skirt portion...but the one we chose had just the right amount...a black dress with a little leopard across the top..tasteful with just enough flash. She ended up buying her shoes..patent leather pumps...and the look was delish.

Lisa came over for pictures and it was fun...we relaxed over some caramel apple martinis and apps and enjoyed catching up.

Enjoy the pix!


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