Monday, September 15, 2008

Week 3

Well, as soon as Diana turned 2 weeks old, the digestive problems began. She had some really severe bouts of heaving, hard crying and we just knew she was in pain.

At first the doctor, recommended trying a soy formula or the ever famous alimentum formula plus mylecon/gas drops. So we did.

That seemed to work for a few days but then the hard crying was back again.

After attending my PTA meeting on Thursday night and talking to my most trusted moms, I concluded that Alimentum is what we needed to do next- so we did.

Well her feedings still were a struggle...we could tell she was very hungry and she would eat as much as she could which only ended up being an ounce or two at the most, (She should be doing 3-4) and then she would just start crying like it hurt her to eat.

So today, we decided to take matters into our hands. Rob took the day off and we brought her in to the doctor's office. The good news was that she gained 10 oz in a week! The doctor was very impressed. She also did not have a fever and she appears to be extremely healthy! What Dr. Pritchard, did conclude however, is that Diana has acid reflex. She prescribed "Baby Zantac" and said we should see a major difference.

Please stay tuned and say your prayers! Here we go (I have attached a few photos of Diana's 3rd you will notice Big Brother Zack is so good with her!)

The highlight of this week was apple and raspberry picking with Mimi and Papa Pete. We had so much fun...especially Papa Pete! He grabbed that stroller and wouldn't let go!


Kerry Lynn said...

Sadly that is so common these days. Just in case the zantac doesn't seem to help, a friend of mine's daughter is on prevacid and it made all the difference.
Hopefully the zantac works but if not ask to try prevacid.

Jacinda said...

Poor little peanut! I hope that she is feeling better soon.

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