Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Birthday Party at HARU Sushi- Boston

Need I say more? We had an absolute BLAST! We enjoyed cocktails...sushi...cocktails...apps...cocktails and even cake :) I can't believe I am 35- wow! Time flies when you are having fun.

Thanks to my wonderful hubby for organizing this bash and to my besties: Mum and Dad...Matt and Gina...Cass and Steve and Jay...Jules and Cory...Jenny and "The Foise"...Kayla and last but not least Baby Diana! (YES she joined us too- why not?) She has been more places in the last 5 weeks than most of us have been as adults...too funny!

Enjoy the pix...once we figure out our video problems, I will also post our funny video from the evening's festivities as well!


Kerry Lynn said...

Is that a zero on your cake??

Happy Birthday!

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