Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lunch Dates

So we are in week 4 and I thought I would just record this wonderful memory. It is so nice and we feel blessed to have wonderful friends and family.

During this time that I am off and spending with Baby Diana, I have been so lucky to have visits from some of my closest friends and fam.

My first week at home, as I previously posted, my mom came to stay to help me and she cooked and cleaned and even got up for some of Diana's night time feedings.

My friend Trish came over to visit and also brought us a HUGE stuffed shell dinner which was DELISH!

Lisa has come by to visit as well as Steve Petron and Marianne Bemister!

Last week Cass came over with Alexis and brought pizza for lunch. I don't know what I would do without her. I have cried to her and have shared EVERY concern...I mean EVERY SINGLE ONE with her and she has really calmed my nerves...telling me how normal things are and giving me some realistic time lines to live by.

Yesterday, we met my friend Jenn from work at the Village Bean for coffee! It was so fun catching up and hearing all about the office gossip while I am out.

This morning My Auntie Mar came by and brought us a HUGE Chicken Pot Pie from Harrow's and enjoyed visiting with Diana- Diana just took to her and snuggled up to her for an hour!!

Later today, Julie came over with Caiden and I made us some grilled cheese for lunch. Caiden, like Diana had the acid reflux problem and was put on a similar medicine. Jules made me feel better with telling me how the medicine worked so well and Caiden ended up outgrowing the reflux as soon as he turned 1!

Next week, Donna is bringing us lunch on Tuesday. I can't wait to catch up with Donna- she always tells me the greatest stories and makes motherhood look so easy!!

We are going to visit with Cheryl, Mia and Ava on Wednesday and then the following week, we will be going to visit with Lisa Vivinetto.

I love these special...a time I will never forget. :)


Kerry Lynn said...

I really do want to come up and visit. Can we make plans?

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