Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nursery Progress!

So thanks to my love, the nursery is coming along quite nicely. I think Diana will really enjoy her room!

Rob got all of the painting done. We chose a very light green for three of the walls and then used the same green along with more of a sage to do stripes on the wall that the crib will be up against.

We also put up the pink curtains with the matching hardware. (Sometimes it is okay to splurge at Pottery Barn!) and then we put down a pink and green area rug that was also from Pottery Barn.

Lastly, we put up some pink and green paintings and a beautiful pink message board with dragon flys on it.

The next step is the bureau. Rob is going to strip it (as it is currently yellow)and re-paint it white. (It is the bureau that I actually grew up with!)

Cass also got me the cutest little pink-painted box that we can use for Diana's changing table (for all her lotions and such) and the cutest onesies- one says just arrived in rhinestones!!! The other one is pink and leopard- so adorable!

Very exciting time- enjoy the pix of this transition!


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