Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dear Diana,

We are a little more than half way there! 18 more weeks, hopefully, and we will be meeting you for the very first time!

I thought I would do something that my most creative friend Jacinda does. She started an on-line diary on her blog for her baby. I think you deserve the same and I already know you will refer to me as your "crazy mother" some day. That's okay...I am and I am already crazy about you!

It is amazing how much we love you already. Your Daddy says it every day..."I love that baby so much already" he always says. As he kisses me goodbye each morning, he also kisses you and talks to you...he is hoping you can hear his voice! I also talk to you in the car. Sometimes you even start dancing depending on the kind of song that is on!! I can always tell the songs you like...I think you will be a dancer....follow in my footsteps and hopefully not quit like I did..but hey! We will leave that up to you!

My pregnancy, with you, for the first 12 weeks was tough. I was constantly sick and had no energy. To make matters worse, it was one of the worst winters we have ever experienced in New England (figures!). Thank goodness your daddy is the wonderful man that he is and he would often drive me to work and pick me up in the bad weather.
This way, I could stay calm as much as possible...control the blood pressure...and of course keep you healthy!

We had one scare so far and had to go to the hospital for tests...that is the day we found out we were going to be blessed with a baby girl. Since then, we know, everything should be okay. Also, as important, we truly feel like we have bonded with you since then.

I can't wait to see what you look like! From the ultra-sound picture, it looks like you have Daddy's nose and may look a bit like Ally...I wonder, though, if you will have my super thick hair and thunder thighs (God help you!)

We started your nursery too! Daddy was so good about painting quickly (mostly because he wouldn't have to listen to me nag anymore)...we really think you are going to love your room. I can't wait to get my rocking chair so I can just sit in there and wait for you :)

Well that's it for now...can't wait until Daddy and others can feel you kick and punch the way I do...that should be happening over the next few weeks :)

I love you


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