Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Friday Nights

Did I mention that I LOVE my Friday nights? I especially love them when we have the kids and I need to take Zack to one of the Middle School dances. Why? Because he is so fun...I love hearing the Middle School gossip and Zack's interpretation of what goes on.

Lately, this year, it has been a tradition to have his friend Chris come over after school and then the three of us grab a quick dinner...gossip and then I drop them off. Ah...those are the moments I live for. Crazy? Someday, some of you will understand!

Usually it is my duty to get Zack around on Friday nights because Rob usually has a gig, although last night he was not around for different reasons. He and my mom actually had a date! (so flippin cute!)

They went to see the new Rolling Stones show at the Imax Theater in Reading- they loved it! Of course, my mom had to spoil him and oooked an 8 course meal for him, featuring her famous meatloaf which devoured ;)


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