Sunday, April 20, 2008

College Flash Back!

My friend Kelly (from UMD) and I just reconnected on Myspace (and that is one of the reasons why, as an adult, I have a Myspace!) So fun and what is even more fun, she posted some old Cancun pix of us from Spring Break Senior year....OH MY GOD!!! I LOVE them...I was also at 150 pounds and after Diana is born, that is my weight goal- I will do what it takes to get there because I was my healthiest then :)

Enjoy these pix- guess which one I am? Just look for the BIGGEST hair!!!


Jacinda said...

These are so great! I never should have done that play instead of going on Spring Break. : )
My mother-in-law went to your site to look at Baptism photos and thought that we look alike! Rick agreed when he saw your photo on your site. Too cute, huh?

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