Friday, November 9, 2007

Restless Virgins

That was book number one. Our book group had our first meeting tonight and we discussed the memoir we just completed (or tried to!) We all agreed that it is a book we should recommend to parent, however, it was not easy to read and quite boring...we never knew we could get bored from reading about sex!

The things these kids did in high school...such sexual acts...will disgust you but the stories are a true eye opener and something important for us to be aware of. The book was written by Abigail Jones and Marissa Miley. Both girls interviewed dozens of Milton Academy students.

Although we all thought the book would be primarily about the hockey team sex scandal of 2005, it was only mentioned briefly-very strange.

So, like the hockey team, the book was only a small part of our story tonight! We talked more about wine and thought hey! Maybe we should have a wine club group! Tracey Sherman, who is a wine connoisseur and a lady I look up to, brought four bottles tonight! We indulged in a red called Hook and Ladder from Sonoma County- one word? You know what I am going to say right? DELISH!

I made some nice pomegranate cosmos and we had some yummy apps and desserts..we chatted about everything from dogs and wine to the book yes I guess...and kids and Hawaii!!!! The group got along so well and we are looking forward to our next meeting on December 21st...close to Christmas but just what we will need to de-stress!

Guests tonight included some of my favorite people..Cass and Mel and Laurie Sweetser and of course Tracey and myself. Next month we are meeting at Tracey's! The book we chose is called Eat, Pray, Love. I can't wait to get started on it!


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