Saturday, November 17, 2007

On a Mission to Find Cheesecake and Bella!

So...we planned a great girls day today! Kay, Ally and I went along with Cass and Baby Alexis and had a wonderful day! We started with lunch at the Cheesecake Factory...everything was Delish and even Baby Alexis agreed!

We then headed to Wellesley High School for the Wellesley Marketplace fair. The reason we went there? Our favorite store down the Cape, Bella of Cape Cod had a table!

It was just as good as I remembered! Cass got a beautiful brown and pink duffle and a bracelet...I got the pink hat w/ the green palm tree on it (that I had been eyeing this past summer) and a silver bracelet AND a bumper sticker for my car! I got Ally the same bracelet and a pair of earrings for XMAS and got Kayla a beautiful pearl ring and a pink and green bracelet for XMAS too.

We stopped at the fabric store on the way home as we attempt to redesign the girls' pad downstairs! We are going with the Bella theme- pink and green! Stay tuned (I don't trust myself with decorating!)

All in all we had a blast.

We got home to the boys and I heated up one of the Super Suppers meals- Pork Marsala- it was just OKAY...makes me feel even better about my decision- going to write the owner a letter!!!

Before I go down that road again, I will sign off by saying...enjoy these pix from Cheesecake today ;)


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