Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Dear Diana (At Nine Years Old!)

Dear Diana, Well, what can I say?

You, my "Baby Bird", turn 9 on Thursday.

How did it happen you ask?
 I still remember the nurses holding you up like this.  I remember saying to myself, "that is what my daughter looks like"- I saw generations in you...and I felt I had always known you...funny how miracles and life can do that to you.

As I have written before, you were a very sick baby and yet you fought through every day and every sickness- as we always say, you are a survivor.
 You now are one of the healthiest kids we know! 

We all made such a fuss over you...us (your parents)...your grandparents (on both sides)...your older siblings and friends...no wonder you became the little diva that you are!

I remember every doctor's appointment...the good ones...the scary ones...and of course the ones when you got your shots...and I cried right along with you..it made me sick because I couldn't protect you.  I also remember one appointment when you were getting your annual checkup.  You were just about to turn 1.  The doctor could not get over how social you were.  You would not take your eyes off of her and in fact, you kept trying to make eye contact with her so she would smile at you and see your smile of course.  We giggled...she said, I have never met such a social baby!  (Welcome to our world)  You were born and still are all about the action and we see you asking yourself, "Where's The Party?"

We had you in all kinds of activities as a baby....gymnastics....dance...rec programs.  Dance was your number one for awhile.  We met a great little group of girls and moms and they became your first friends (outside of Alexis and Alice of course).  Alexis, you met at birth and Alice you met at 18 months- both still besties for you now which warms our hearts.

Once we signed you up for ECE (at age 4), you got really into tumbling and cheer and the rest is history.  We keep you active and keep that mind engaged as you so desperately need it.

Now, you have learned the value of hard work and you work really hard at all you do.  We have learned that you are talented dancer, runner, actor and overall athlete.  It doesn't come easy- that is why we are so proud when we see you excel at something- we know how hard you work and then how much you enjoy accomplishing goals.

You are now at the age where we can reason with you and you have become so much fun to talk to and hang out with.  I am enjoying spending this time with you before I become uncool for a few years.  I love our conversations in the car, our trips to the beach and even holding hands in Sunday mass.  They all warm my heart...make me grateful.

You are "obsessed of" (as you used to say) with Daddy's old phone which he turned into an iPod for you.  You love making Music.lys with your friends and you love snapping pics of you and Pidge for Instagram.  I keep thinking...how did this happen?  Pretty soon you will be on Facebook and seeing everything I do.  Not that I have anything to hide but it kinda freaks me out...just saying ;)

Every summer, you make a summer list.  You always love once you accomplish something and get to check off the box.  This summer, we have all agreed, was epic and the best ever.  You had an aggressive list and you are actually down to the last few things to check off!  We have enjoyed time at Caden's lake house, time at Stella and Will's house on the lake in NJ, Storyland and Santa's Village with the Grahams, Portland Maine with Mimi and Papa and lots of sleepovers with Papa Bob. 

You also did theater camp and math camp.  Then we also had some camps at home too!  There was golf camp with Papa Bob and Baking Camp with Daddy.
Daddy also started to try and teach you how to ride your big girls' bike...that is still a work in progress.

I love listening to you in the family room, especially when you are crafting a musical and singing with such gusto.  It is also fun to watch you put together cheer routines (including stunts) with all of your dolls.  Now you have Eva in on the action too and it is hysterical!

You have done really well with sleepovers too!  You attended the sleepover night at theater camp with Sam and you slept over at Lucy's beach house this summer.  Last weekend, you had Alexis and Alana sleepover our house and even though you all stayed up late, you were not crazy and loud like we would've expected!

This week, we are getting ready to celebrate your 9th Birthday on Friday night at Canobie Lake Park with some of your best pals.  We are starting at home with some pizza and cake and then we are headed to the park.  I am excited for you.  I just can't believe you are 9.  I miss my little Baby Bird but I LOVE the little lady you are becoming.  I love how you count on me to make sure your fashion is just right and your hair is in place.  I also love how you look to me to manage all the fun and social relationships too.  It is a lot of work but I think you have always known how much I love to do that for you and our family.

You are such our little wild child, restless soul and absolute little love.  I love you so much my Baby Bird.  Happy Birthday!


Tara Usher @ Mommy in a Nutshell said...

Happy Birthday! What a beautiful tribute to her. You are a very proud Mom (as you should be!).

A Gal Named Al said...

How sweet! Happy birthday to your social butterfly!

Cara@HomespunKitchen said...

Happy birthday Diana!

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