Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Rob is Running for School Board!

We are thrilled and hope that Rob can have an impact on the improvement and commitment to education in our town.

Here is his letter announcing his candidacy.

Hello Windham Neighbors:

My name is Rob Breton, and I am a long time resident of Windham. I want to formally announce my candidacy for one of the open Windham School Board positions that we will all be voting for on March 11. I'd like to take a moment to tell you why I am running. I have four (soon to be five) children--Kayla (24), Allison (21), Zachary (18), Diana (5), and Eva (due the first week of May). I’ll give you a minute to let that sink in….

I believe that I have a somewhat unique perspective on a Windham education. My three oldest children attended Golden Brook School, Center School, and then the Middle School. Kayla and Allison both graduated from Salem High School. Zachary had the opportunity to attend school in Windham from first grade through high school. He was a member of the Class of 2013--the first class to attend Windham High School for all four years and graduate. So I feel a great desire to give back for what we were given for our children. My wife, Holly, was the President of the PTA not so long ago, and I witnessed first hand how much of an impact we all can have when she and a group of dedicated volunteers succeeded in reinvigorating that organization. I want to pay it forward for the future. Diana is in kindergarten at Golden Brook School today and will be the first in our family to attend Windham Schools from K through 12. We are so excited! Holly and I want the same for Eva.

I am first and foremost an advocate for the students. I want the best possible educational experience we can provide them. That means retaining the best teachers, providing the best facilities and resources (be they existing, new, or some combination of the two), and putting our students in the best position to succeed in school--and ultimately take those lessons forward into life.

My wife and I are also advocates of Windham, and we tell everyone we know who is not from Windham that they should be. We have volunteered over the years for many things, like coaching in the youth softball, baseball and basketball leagues. We have helped with the Strawberry Festival, The Sports Boosters, Friends of Windham Football, among others. We believe in this town and all it has to offer, and want to live here forever.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to become part of the team that helps continue to move our new SAU 95 School District forward, and I appreciate in advance your consideration of me as a candidate on March 11. Regardless, please vote and encourage all of our other Windham neighbors to do so.

Rob Breton


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