Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Life's Little Pleasures

So...Ally and Zach had us all discussing our celebrity crushes last night...we got a kick out of each other's choices

and you know me....I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lists!!  Call me crazy ;)

I love thinking about my favorite things....
and I could go on forever

so....I thought my little list deserved a blog post- ha ha!!

Here are my top 5 celebrities first!

Antonio Sabato Jr

Dermot Mulroney

Jason Gedrick

Michael Buble

Michael Jordan

and I am not stopping there....
My top 5 Favorite Drinks



Wine (especially J. Lohr Cab)

A Real Good Martini- I prefer Gin with Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives

and a margarita...but it must be perfect...not too sour...not too much mix...Poco's Cantina in Portsmouth NH makes the best...nectar of the gods...but if I am going to a chain like margaritas, I like the Lime in the Coconut Margarita

Top 5 Favorite Vacation Spots

Cancun, Mexico (specifically The Moon Palace)

The Bahamas

Martha's Vineyard

Portsmouth NH

 York Maine (especially at The Stage Neck Inn)

 Top 5 Foods






Top 5 Books

The Guy Not Taken

Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood

A Beautiful Disaster

Something Borrowed

Top 5 Movies



The Upside of Anger

My Best Friend's Wedding

Ramonda and Beezus

Top 5 Favorite Songs

Boys of Summer

Sweet Surrender

Livin on a Prayer

I Hope You Dance

Come Fly With Me

Top 5 Perfumes (and the seasons I wear them in because that's how I roll.....)

Burberry Weekend (Fall)

Angel (Christmastime)

Happy (Winter)

Pleasures (Spring)

Cool Water (Summer)

Top 5 Artists/Bands

Bon Jovi (and they don't look like this anymore) ha ha!

Gin Blossoms (they don't look like this anymore either!)

Shania Twain


Backstreet Boys (guilty pleasure ok??)

Top 5 Favorite Places to Shop!


Ann Taylor

Lilly Pulitzer

J Crew

and LOFT


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