Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Weekly Gratitude

There are no words to describe the horror of the bombings at The Boston Marathon on Monday.
I am family is sick...everyone we know is sick about this
We will help as we can and we will pull together as only Boston knows how

During bad times...difficult times...the worst times, I have found that those times are when it may be the hardest to find things you are thankful for...however, you always have to push yourself to dig your eyes and be grateful for what God gave you.  

I think the image above is perfect for this week's gratitude post.

During the devastation on Monday, I was grateful that I could talk to my husband...that I could hug my baby...that our families and friends were safe.  I also so grateful for the power of social networking to help us communicate when the cell lines were dead.

I am thankful for our community who will pull together to help those families that have been killed, injured or deeply affected.

The innocence of the Boston Marathon may be gone but terror will never take it will be will become, yet again our new normal

Until then, I have been clinging on to words that my daughter said to me right before I had to take a business flight; those who know me, know that I hate to fly and leave my family, especially my daughter since she is so little.  Before I left, she said to me "I love you so much...I am going to miss you so are my are in my heart."  She is 4...She also said to me, "think of me"...I do every minute of every day...I took her love with me and had a great business meeting and came home safely to her and my family.  I am more grateful than ever.


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