Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rest In Peace Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer November 10, 1931- April 7, 2013

She was an "accidental fashion designer."  She designed bright, printed, tropical dresses to wear for when she ran her juice stand...she figured if any juice or lemonade splattered on her sheaths...the spots would mix right in with her bold wasn't until her former classmate, Jackie Kennedy, was featured on the cover of Life Magazine, with one of her sheaths on, did she become a star...a fashion icon....

Lilly has become my biggest fashion influence....I have pure passion for her designs and bright colors and I have tried to spread the joy between my family and friends...I know my mom and BFF both enjoy some of her designs as well.

Here are some of my Lilly designs from the last few years

3 Generations of Lilly Here!

Visiting her store in Mashpee, MA during Girls Weekend 2011 with my BFF- blast!

RIP painted the world...may your colors live on forever!


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