Friday, March 1, 2013

Insta Friday (March 1, 2013)

A Week from my iPhone's point of view.....(notice the phone never captures pics in my office where I spend ALOT of my time) ;)
 Fighting for a new middle school to solve our over-crowding problem here in town- we are over capacity by 730 students!  UGH! 

The Seniors of the WHS Basketball Team

A King and his Castle

love pink

Saturday Night Friends- Jason and Diana

Knob Creek= Enough Said (here is the evidence)

Joanne :)

This is the snow storm we drove through Sunday morning- to get to cheer leading for a FOUR YEAR old (sick)...and only to find out practice was cancelled- UGH

Critiquing the gowns on the Red Carpet...such fun


After...Notice anything different?

Controlling Lisa's phone at Zach's game

Keeping the home fires that we can see our dinner cooking now :)

Hope you all had a terrific week....praying for Spring here in New many wonderful things to look forward to including spending time OUTSIDE!

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