Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dear Diana (at 4 and 1/2)

Dear Diana,

It is so true what some have told me...I will never forget it...especially when I felt this way when you were an infant..."The days can go by so slowly but the years will go by so fast"

You are 4 and 1/2 and have been counting down the days to your next birthday and birthday party since you turned 4.  You CANNOT WAIT to chew gum and we told you a long time ago that you could not have gum until you turned 5.  You remind us daily of this promise ;)

You continue to love dance and now dance at The Carlene Nazarian Dance Center.  They are WONDERFUL.  The teachers are great with you too and very flexible because you need to miss some dance glasses for your cheer competitions...yes that's right...4 years old and will be competing throughout New England starting next week...I still can't believe we did this BUT all I know is that it makes you happier than anything else!

Your pure sass is priceless and many people who meet you say "she is just too much"...sometimes it is embarrassing but most of the time we just laugh and shake our heads...

You have a social life to kill for...our entire Winter has consisted of having families over with friends for you every Saturday night..or us going to their houses for the same have helped us to make more friends too in the process :)

You had your first "blowout" by our hair magician Claribel and you are starting to pay attention to fact you even helped mama critique the Oscar red carpet dresses...we had a ball :)

You have just started to feel comfortable in  our new have stopped asking to go back to the old house and when we ask you now if you want to go giggle and say Noooooo...precious

You miss Ally because she is in college and when Zach goes in the fall, it is going to be difficult...we will do our best to keep you occupied and showered with love and support to minimize the sadness :(

You never cease to amaze me....the things that come out of your mouth sometimes are dumbfounding...we look at each other and ask "where does she get these things?"

You put together the craziest love to play teacher and mama and coach to all of your babies (and there are many of them) and you are most proud of your family, your cartwheels and your twinkle toes sneakers.

I love you my baby bird!

Love, Mama


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