Monday, March 18, 2013

and Zach Breton has committed to....

Franklin Pierce University!!!!
He will become a Raven this Fall

It was a tough decision for the big guy.  He was really leaning towards UNH during his entire application process but one overnight and an introduction to the Spring Football Program changed his mind.  

We are thrilled that he will be continuing his football career.  We are also very happy for him as he will be able to make an immediate impact on the team and the university just as he did in high school.

The Sprint Football program
Sprint football, formerly called lightweight football, is a varsity sport played by United States colleges and universities, under rules similar to American football. The sport is currently governed by the Collegiate Sprint Football League.
Unlike conventional collegiate football which places a premium on body weight and strength, sprint football emphasizes speed and agility. Players must maintain a weight of 172 lbs or less and a minimum of 5% body fat to be eligible to play

Info taken from Wikipedia:   As of 2012, there are seven teams in the CSFL, plus one (Franklin Pierce University) probationary expansion team whose games will not count toward league standings; of the eight, five are private universities (three being schools in the Ivy League) and two are national military academies; currently Mansfield University of Pennsylvania is the only state university or college playing sprint football. All eight teams are located in the northeastern United States. Three teams have been added since the 2008 season; none of the new additions have full-size varsity football teams. The other five teams (all of which have been in the CSFL since 1957) have full-size football teams that compete in NCAA Division I—the service academies in the top-tier FBS, and the Ivy League schools in the second-level FCS. Each team plays a seven game season.[2] It is not uncommon for the CSFL teams to play against full-size junior varsity squads from other schools (in 2012, for instance, the Army sprint team scheduled a game against SUNY Maritime); this was generally more common before the CSFL began expanding in 2008. In addition, Army, Cornell, Princeton, and Penn all hold alumni games in which sprint football alumni return to campus for a full-contact scrimmage against the varsity squad. The alumni games serve the dual purpose of raising funds to support the team and maintaining alumni interest in the program.[3] Typically, the alumni have to donate a monetary weight penalty (e.g., $2 per pound) for weighing above the 172-pound limit.

We are really looking forward to attending some games and watching Zach take his success to the next level- Congrats BUD!


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