Friday, January 11, 2013

WHS Football Banquet 2012

What a ride...what a ride...what a ride....
or as the boys would say...
"It's Always a Good Time"

Marion and I pulled together one last epic celebration for the WHS Jaguar Football Team
Our boys are was their last year and they are getting ready to graduate...still so surreal

We started with centerpieces that highlighted each senior- on the front was a picture montage and on the back were comments about each one of them from the coaches...AWESOME

Of course, we rented the helium tank to blow up all the balloons and this time John helped which made it so much easier

Bill brought an awesome banner 

We had our best turnout yet- 165- WOOHOO!

We were able to pull together a last minute fundraiser for CJay...our community, especially this parent group is amazing...they truly pull together and by the end of the night, we were able to give the family $3,500- YES!
The part that got be going though was when Zach and the boys held up the picture of CJay that Kyle had made for the family...I lost it...I had held it in until then but just couldn't anymore

The awards were was so nice to hear the coaches speak so highly of these boys
Everything they said was true...especially these seniors...very special group

Marion had the cake made as well as cupcakes with the seniors' numbers on them :)

The Three Musketeers (they hope to be attending UNH together in the Fall)

and the big surprise of the night was when the Captains announced the winners of "The Captain's Cup"
This award is given to an individual or group who has made an impact on the entire WHS Football program
Marion and I won...we were so touched...our names will be on the captain's cup at WHS for years to come...
and we took home the most beautiful tokens...snapped a pic for you here
So appreciative and so happy I got to experience this with Zach..these days will not be forgotten

Yeah for the best team moms EVA...what fun we had with all of it...especially the friendship we found :)

GO was indeed..."always a good time"


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