Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Weekly Gratitude

This week, I am thankful for:

Jumping back into the world of health and fitness and this time I have the best partner ever (my hubby!) We have started both the Advocare Challenge and Biggest Loser Competition with Marianne again and we are pumped!  I already feel so much better- down 6 and hubby down 5....stay so thankful to have this get on the right track and to take this poundage OFF!!!

I am thankful for WHS Football and the joy it brought our family and friends over the last four years

I am thankful for new friends for Diana and friends for is the beginning of some special relationships and so fun already

I am thankful for being able to produce at work and show my boss that he made the right decision hiring me- I am grateful that I have this successful career because I need to work so my family will survive and I am just thankful that I love what I do and can sustain us because of that

I am thankful that I can play in the snow with Diana and try find some joy in the Winter which I have typically hated


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