Wednesday, December 12, 2012



In honor of this amazing date and

more importantly,

the season of Advent,

I made a conscious effort today to do as many good deeds as possible...
the original goal was 12...

so how did I do?

1. Made Zach's lunch (not out of the ordinary) and included a hand written note telling him how much I love him and believe in him

2. I paid for the woman's coffee behind me in the Dunk's drive thru this morning...and even got a big BEEP of appreciation after :)

3. Brought McDonald's breakfast sandwiches, hashbrowns and coffees to our construction guys

4. Picked up Grammy a seasoning pack that she needed to make her yummy meatloaf and brought her and Papa some Christmas popcorn treats that I made

5. Made Christmas popcorn treats and delivered them to some close friends in town

6. Wrote a private Facebook message to a friend who recently lost her husband- let her know I am thinking of her and asked her how she is truly feeling

7. Donated $25 to my favorite charity, "An Evening for Bridget"- a young mom who died from breast cancer

8.  Took Diana to F.L.O.W's holiday craft at the library and helped her and other kids with their ornament crafts :)

9. Sent a note to an old business colleague telling her how much I respect her as a working mom and how much she inspires me to keep fighting on

10. Wrote my husband a love letter

11. Texted my brother and offered to bring lunch over next weekend - he responded very positively which made my day(and much to his surprise, we will also 
 be bringing him a Christmas tree with all of the trimmings)

12. Wrote a letter to a solider to thank him/her for their service

I did the beginning of the day...didn't think I could fit all 12 in between working from home and taking care of my daughter but never say never...I have been in a tough place before and because of the grace of God, answered prayers and the kindness of my family and friends, I have prevailed; my family has survived.  This has been a good year.  This is a year when we can sacrifice even more and so we have.



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