Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Weekly Gratitude

Weekly Gratitude (a little late- I usually post these on Fridays or Saturdays)

For St. Joe

For my parents

For my in-laws

For my hubby

For my kids

For Cass

and the unconditional love from all of the above

For Marianne, my trainer and my new weekly workout/nutrition/therapy sessions with her- I have needed this more than ever!

For the seacoast town of Portsmouth and all of the wonderful memories and good times it has brought our family over the years and continues to do so

For a beautiful and luxurious Mother's Day that not only I could enjoy but one we could give to our moms this year

For Kris Carr and her "Make Juice Not War Green Juice"

For Bridget and her inspirational story and the Young & Strong Alex & Ani Bracelet that I wear proudly in honor of her


My White Elephant said...

Holly ~ I just recently found your blog and absolutely love it.

I'm awarding you with the Liebster Blog Award! Check out your feature at!

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