Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend 2012 (Part II)

So we headed up to the beach yesterday...though it was a little chilly at first, it turned into the most comfortable beach much so we all got scorched without knowing it!

We then drove up the coast to Portsmouth and checked into our favorite hotel in the area- The Sheraton Harborside Portsmouth and snagged one of their AWESOME townhouses

Great views!

and then we had an AWESOME dinner at one of our fave places there called The Blue Mermaid :)

This morning, I saw a beautiful sunrise...and then enjoyed some more of "Mr. Grey" while drinking some coffee on our viranda...priceless

and while the "big kids" were still sleeping, we took a walk uptown and enjoyed the scenery and hit Popovers on the Square...they certainly lived up to their name!

Before checking out, we hit the pool

Life IS Good :)


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