Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Feet Picture Day (2012)

This has become one of my favorite days all year.  It is picture day for Diana's Dance School, Happy Feet.  Her and her little pals enjoyed hamming it up for us Dance Moms.  

What a difference from last year.  Last year, Diana had a complete meltdown when it was time for her picture to be taken in her bumble bee costume.  It made me panic and think she wouldn't get through the recital.  But just like her mom, once she stepped onto that stage, under the glow of the theater lights, she came to life ;)

This year, we enjoyed snapping some pics outside after the professional photo shoot.  (Yes I got choked up- had to choke back the tears and as one of my dance mom pals said "geesh, it's only picture day"- I am a sap, what can I say?  ha ha!)

Here are our "Rainbow Fairies"

 Charlie's Fairies?


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