Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tuscan Kitchen with Great Friends!

Oh and what fun we had!
What started out as a rough dining experience (had a reservation at 7:30pm and we were not seated until 8:15pm), turned into a great night.

The staff went overboard to make up for the fact that they made us wait. They brought over their artisan cheese plate, on the house, which included various cheeses, cured meats and garlic and oil. They also brought each of us marinated peppers, oil and garlic to accompany their homemade focaccia and ciabatta breads- both out of this world!

Our dinners were wonderful- the girls got the signature dish- Tagliatelle Alla Bolognese (outstanding and full of the flavors of veal and beef in the rich sauce)...Rob got the Lobster Papardelle (just okay) and Steve and Basil got the Rib Eye- looked like a tomahock and from what the guys said, it was fantastic!

The staff completed our great meal with another surprise- a tray full of their dessert samples and we went to town- also on the house.

Our waitress did not miss a beat and her wine suggestions were perfect.

This awesome meal was accompanied by several belly laughs and fun (mostly courtesy of Basil)


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