Saturday, May 28, 2011

Random Thoughts on Memorial Day Weekend 2011

Got the big french manicure- LOVIN' it- can't stop looking at my nails. Instead of doing acrylics, I tried this new organic gel that Timmy at Fantasian Nails recommended- it looks fab- so excited!

Rediscovered Victoria's Secret scent "Strawberries & Champagne"...wore it for our wedding...just smelled it again and it brought back all of the wonderful memories of that awesome day...wearing it again for the big Penta wedding tomorrow!

Need a healthy dessert recipe for this beautiful Memorial Day weekend? Get a star cookie cutter; cut pieces of watermelon with it and toss the watermelon stars in a bowl with blueberries and mini marshmallows- pure Americana

BIG FAN of Jen at Cava Muses and her airbrush spray tan...I got my mom hooked now more unhealthy tanning beds...this is the wave of the future!

In the southern NH area this weekend? Bop on over to The Atkinson Country Club and try their blueberry martini- it is out of this world and very festive!

Guilty pleasure? Lays new Garden Tomato and Basil Chips (and I am not a chip person!) Today, after I weighed in, that was my little piece of cheat heaven! Delish :)

I love the anticipation before a wedding...yeah I am a little obsessed

I LOVE that we will be going to the beach on Monday...can't wait to stick my toes in the cold Atlantic ocean for the first time this year...and cannot wait to see the pure joy on Diana's face

I love the mood that Monkey is in today...she is so pleasant and giddy

Griffin Park was silent this morning at I exercised, I really enjoyed the calmness truly is my you think I could be buried there?

Monday means Breton Family Tradition night...making s'mores on the grill

I will remember, all weekend and always, all those who sacrificed their lives for us so that we can have the freedom to enjoy our lives.

My husband is one of the greatest people I know; he truly is my best friend..and not to mention the sexiest beast on the planet :)

I will also remember my heroes as always...enjoy this beautiful start of summer my friends!


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