Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Eating/Drinking: homemade fish tacos and Tohu (stay tuned for the recipe) tex mex fair AND The Tohu Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough is the perfect accompaniment

Listening to: Rolling in the Deep (Adele), Rhythm of Love (Plain White Tees) and various songs from The Music Man (in preparation for our new WAG season)

Lamenting: this rainy Spring...hoping Summer is a bit better...I know we had a beautiful year last year but this winter was HORRENDOUS!

Pondering: Potty training...any advice?

Wearing: Polo tee, running leggings, Asics and my polar watch (and Diana you ask? Every piece of jewelry my mother has given her!)

Anticipating: dinner with the mini fam and then catching up on our DVR'd shows...romance on the couch is my favorite cozy activity (especially with all of this rain!)

Baking: yes...never was much of a baker until I became a mom...have really mastered cupcakes (cookies and cream and chocolate chip cookie dough ones) and LOVING my bundt pan...feel so retro as I make monkey bread and cake in it...even if it doesn't taste that great, the bunt

pan makes it look AWESOME (and per Zack, the stuff tastes great too!)

Reading: The Castaways...excited that I like it because Elin Hildebrand has several other novels (that are set in Nantucket) too!

Loving: losing a WHOLE DRESS SIZE...and being able to buy some pretty dresses for all of my big springtime events coming up! HOLLA!! Can I get a woot woot?

Buying: a smaller size...yeah I said it again! BANG


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