Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend 2010!

Wow...we are having an amazing weekend! I have been beach bound literally all weekend! I just wanted to get this post in before we head off to the beach for one last day this summer. I have a feeling, though, I may make a few visits in the fall and winter....not for sunbathing but for the pure bliss.

After Friday night, we needed to recover a bit. A great trip to the beach would ensure some relaxation right? Well not so much! Because of Hurricane Earl and even though it blew out to sea, the waves were over 8 feet tall and the lifeguards would not let anyone in the water. They wouldn't even let us stay and wade with Diana so meltdown central. Just when we thought we would have to leave (because Diana just needs to be in the water constantly), she truly surprised us and started entertaining herself in the sand. We then had a nice couple of hours there. Saturday night consisted of an awesome family dinner- cookin' on the grill and then watching Splendor in the Grass. Can you say tearjerker? I knew it was a classic and we finally took the time to watch

Yesterday, my mom and I headed to the beach and despite the wind and slight chill, it was so relaxing. I haven't laid on the beach since Diana was born. It has been all sitting and standing and running and watching needless to stay it was a treat!

Last night, we were able to out on a date, alone for the first time in a year. Ally and Zack offered to babysit...they are really good kids. I hope I don't sound like I am bragging but they really are. (Oh yeah! Ally painted Monk's nails for the first time. Well Ally was painting my nails to start and Monk had to have in on the action- I thought she may be too young but she sat so still and even blew on them to dry them- she kills me!)

We were able to head into town for a night of reconnecting and romance. We were also able to use some gift cards from Jules and Cory and also Steve and Debbie.

We started off at Haru and had the most amazing drinks along with a sushi appetizer. Yes Rob ate the sushi and really liked it- I snapped a picture so you would believe me!

We then walked off our cocktail hour and headed over to Maggianos' for dinner. We had some major laughs because we were still able to squeeze in a Griswold moment. Uggghhhh....terrible but hysterical and just so us.

When we got home, we got the full report from Zack and of course, Monkey had a ball with her siblings.

Well...gotta go...jumping into the ocean ONE MORE TIME


Vic said...

what a lovely weekend! it was rainy here so we couldn't hit the beach! i could have went for some yummy look great:)

Holly said...

Thanks Vic! :)

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