Friday, September 10, 2010

Dear Diana

Some Summer 2010 you turned two

You are speaking in full and clear sentences

Corn was your favorite food this summer

Your shoe obsession is getting worse and worse

Chuck E Cheese is not only your biggest fear but also your biggest obsession...there is fear but there is also such intrigue (ask us some day about the episode at Mimi and Papa's when we rang the door bell and pretended that Chucky was there)

You know several words to various pop tunes on Kiss 108...I can't take all of the do have teenage siblings :)

You had a great 2 year old dr's appointment! You weighed in at 28 lbs and you have grown 3 inches since March! You are now 34 inches- that puts you at the 64% for weight and 56% for height...your eyes are a greenish blue and your hair is still a beautiful chestnut color with curls galore! We do put it up most days so it stays out of your face :)

You mimic Mummy when I call Daddy by yelling "Rob!!! Rob!!" hysterical...although Daddy is not as amused as Mummy

You were terrified at your first dance class and Mummy had to sit in the classroom with you...we are hoping you slowly get over this fear and have some fun but I am sure we need to be careful for what we are wishing for!

We do think you will have some musical are obsessed with guitars and don't know what to do with yourself when Daddy plays his guitar and get SO EXCITED!

I love you my baby bird xoxoxo


Kat said...

Such a cutie-pie!

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